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Water for Africa

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EVENT: Chili & Quackers
Adopt & Race Your Duck!


October 9, 2010: Join us for the "Chili & Quackers Challenge" event at Powerhouse Park in Del Mar from 3:00 to 6:00 pm. Call 858.509.9445 or click image below for more information.

Water for Africa - Chili Quackers - Duck Derby and Chili Cook Off, Del Mar, San Diego County, October 9, 2010

Safe Water for Africa

The Water for Africa Project will provide safe, clean water to people living in Sub Saharan Africa where the combined needs of improved healthcare and access to clean potable drinking water are greatest.

Our goal is to provide Sequential Development in order to facilitate sustainable access to clean water.

The Water for Africa Project proposes to focus in the Lake Victoria region which includes Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania.

The Water for Africa Project will coordinate the purchase and installation of Water Purification Systems, as well as associated training and transportation costs in targeted areas.

Water for Life International

Affiliated with Water for Life International, Inc., (WFLI) is a California-based non-profit organization dedicated to providing access to clean potable water where needed and to respond in a timely manner to the needs of disaster areas. WFLI serves the water needs of people in developing countries and has considerable experience in the field.

WFLI has teamed up with its affiliate organization, Water Missions International (WMI) and Children’s Lifeline, to form the Water for Africa Project.